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Why Invest in Silver?

Is Silver a Good Investment for Retirement? Is it Bad?

What is silver bar bullion? Where can one get it? Why is it a good investment?

Investing on silver bars is one of the smartest way aside from hoarding silver rounds and silver coins among beginners or experienced investors. Silver bars are made in various mass and heaviness but all in all they remain compact for easy bulk storage.

There are a number of privately owned corporations that are dedicated in manufacturing these silver bars, each individual companies mark their products with their original symbols and exclusive distinctiveness in order to attract silver collectors and investors alike.

There are some whose silver bar products were elegantly shaped providing a standardized mold for portability and storage.

Silver bars made in old-fashioned molders though seemingly uniformed are actually rough and in inaccurate or inconsistent in size though their weight can still be similar with each other. On the other hand, Academy brands of silver bars are exceptional compare to the hand-poured ones, a trait that makes these make and type of silver bars in demand among collectors and investors.

Silver bars are available from one ounce bars to 1,000 ounces, the latter being the normal type collected within the silver bars trade. Lighter silver bars were mainly acquired and hoarded by collectors due to their weight advantage and storage-friendly attributes. Either way, silver bars in the market were generally 99.99% pure and authentic.

Another special thing about silver bar investment was that the demand for silver overlaps the rate of its production. Silver is now one of a few highly limited among precious metals in comparison to gold itself. There are now about only 5% of available silver in the entire world that is still within trade and market circulation.

An investor or a collector may acquire silver bars from these following sources:


The only snag on this is that you’ll have to wait until your order are processed and delivered before you can physically acquire it and at times it takes days or weeks depending on the bulk of your order of silver bars. Unlike silver coins and silver rounds, ordering silver bars has a fairly higher premium. Aside from the high premium, you are also to take into consideration the miscellaneous fees accompanying in acquiring silver bars through a dealer, specifically the charges for delivery, shipping and insurance charges.


There are now two forms of auction, the physical and online. In the traditional form of auction, the chances of availability of a silver bar among the items to be auctioned were thin due to its high demand and rarity, those who already have has little interest in auctioning their stock. In contrast to the physical auctions, online auctions have more likely available silver bars but be forewarned that the starting price of such bids were usually higher, about 10 to 60 percent for the premium and at some cases, 100%.


Silver bullions in mints are smaller in size, commonly called as “biscuits”. They are presented elegantly within nice crafted containers or boxes that inevitably contribute additional cost for the silver bars. Mints has the highest premium of all, and like acquiring it from dealers, it includes costs for delivery, shipping and insurance.

Exchange Traded Funds

ETF or exchanged traded funds as a means of obtaining silver bars is not literally acquiring the silver bullion. The case here is that you only get the ownership and rights of trading the silver bars’ price to other traders; the item in question is not physically in your hands. This type of trade is a bit doubtful and at most, hardly recommended for ideal method of investment.
Online. Nowadays, online purchasing is the easiest mode of trading for silver bars (or any product in general). A collector and investor can do this transaction at the convenience of his or her home without having to drive, commute or fly to wherever a company or individual was selling the silver bar. But one must be absolutely secure the validity of the dealer online before committing your money to them.


Suggestively the most convenient and trusted in purchasing silver bullions online. You just have to open an account at the website of GoldMoney and purchase silver in any amount, premiums are justifiably sound and there are no delivery, shipping and insurance cost to worry about. Opening an account is free and accumulation is affordable and at your preferred rate. Upon purchasing, the silver bullion is automatically transferred into your GoldMoney account. They are routinely audited and 100% insured, your silver bullion is safely stored in bank vaults from either London or Switzerland, depending on your transaction.

Having that learned what better way to secure your future than by starting on your investing in silver bullions. Just remember to always be well informed about the authenticity of your dealer to avoid losing your well earned money for nothing.

Is Silver a Good Investment?


There basically three types of silver coins and these are:

Numismatic Coins – this is also commonly known as Collector Coins are silver coins that are instead of being valued in their silver content, the worth is based on three factors such as its rarity, its minted quantity and the era and state of the silver coin. The trading and market of numismatic coins does not follow the current silver value rate. It is mostly valued because of its exquisiteness, historical and intrinsic value and of course its potential worth in silver investment.

Semi-Numismatic Coins – it means that they are semi-collectible. The value of precious metal content within these silver coins often fluctuates in the spot silver prices. There also and supplementary rate based from its other metallic contents. Based on demand, a premium is also given to the value of semi-numismatic coins. These semi-numismatic coins are a medium between the high premium graded numismatic coins and the low premium Bullion coins in the spot market price.

Silver Bullion Coins – these type of silver coins comes either bar or coin form. The value of a silver bullion coin depends on the fabrication cost and its metal content worth. The rate also relies on the altering spot prices of the precious metals. Standard silver bullion coins across the globe are measured in troy ounces and are generally produced in 1 ounce sizes.

The following are the suggested items for purchasing for those who are in the silver coin investment:

American Silver Eagle – It was first fabricated around 1986 and has since then become one of the freest trading and leading choices for silver bullion investment in the world. It as a face value of $1 in the United States with its intrinsic value in silver content remaining higher than its face value. It acquires high bidding values around North America and a trusted and recognized silver investment vehicle in its market. Adolph Weinman designed the “Walking Liberty” on a half-dollar coin during 1916 which are now seen in the face of the American Silver Eagle coin. These Walking Liberty Half-Dollars had become the most attractive silver coin in the United States. At the back of the coin, John Mercanti designed a portent eagle with a shield carrying an olive branch and arrows in its talons. The inverse pyramid with thirteen stars represents the thirteen original colonies of the United States floated above the head of the heraldic eagle. Encircling the eagle are the stenciled words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA · 1 OZ. FINE SILVER ~ ONE DOLLAR”.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf – Is basically the most identifiable coins in the world and also the most sought after within North America. The unique and distinctive trait of a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is that it is made of the purest silver, 99.99% silver purity. It is a legal tender in Canada with a $5 Canadian dollar face value and is backed by the Canadian government. The coin depicts a bust of Queen Elizabeth II which was at first shows a young queen but was later changed into a mature queen in 1990. The name “ELIZABETH II” appears at the top of the bust while below were an engraving of its face value and date of issue. At the back of the coin is the national symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf, hence the coin’s name. Stenciled above is the name of its country and below are amount and purity of the silver in both English and French which are the main language in Canada.

Silver Austrian Philharmonic – is another silver bullion bestseller among collectors and investors around the globe. The face of the silver coin depicts the great organ in the Golden Hall in Vienna’s Musikvrein Concert Hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is. The Silver Austrian Philharmonic coin has a 1.5 Euro face value and can be used in legal contracts.

Liberty Silver Round – are extremely liquid in the market due to its widely recognizable features. 1 Oz. Silver Rounds have low premiums unlike their counterpart legal tenders. The coin features the Standing Liberty image opposite to the American Bald Eagle on the other side of the coin. Since Rounds are not legal tenders, they are marginally having low premium compare to silver bullion coins manufactured by the governments.